Here is another Youtube channel to show how to build Python scripts for quant trading and research

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2014)


Here is another Youtube channel to show how  to build Python scripts for quant  trading and research

This was a comment from

Should I watch these 3 hours of Python videos to convince myself this should be the programming language of choice for quant trading research?


HFT is complicated business. If installing a few Python packages is a show-stopper for someone, let’s just say that said person won’t make it very far in this field.

This is a better video showing how a trading strategy from a blog post was replicated in Python:

– See more at: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2014/08/should-i-watch-these-3-hours-of-python-videos-to-convince-myself-this-should-be-the-programming-language-of-choice-for-quant-trading-research/#sthash.1r0CPq3D.dpuf


This commenter is exactly right on the HFT concern as well

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