Exciting C++ 14 coming with new feature proposed fastest yet

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2014)


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With the latest C++ meeting, a highlight came from this article listed below:

C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup writes: “C++14 was delivered on schedule and implementations are already shipping by major suppliers. This is exceptional! It is a boon to people wanting to use C++ as a modern language.”

This article came from famous C++ author Herb Sutter

Not only is this the fastest turnaround for a new standard in the history of C++, but as Bjarne noted this is historic in another way: There are already multiple substantially or entirely conforming implementations (modulo bugs) of C++14 available already today or in the near future – at the same time time C++14 is published. That has never happened before for a C++ (or I believe C) standard. For C++98, the delta between publishing the standard and the first fully conforming implementation being available was about 5 years. For C++11, it was two years. For C++14, the two have merged and we have achieved…

Various comments included:

Well done everyone and the compiler teams! Made our lives easier by a country mile.


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