ATT Python and C++ coders: What you think of these programming languages for automated trading and quant research

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2014)


We will be going full hog on experimenting with these languages in coming weeks. We need to need invest the time to see how serious of a potential these languages bring for our needs in quant research and advanced automated trading. We are looking for advocates for these languages to consult on when needed. This process could lead to our foundation of an inner core team as we scale out our trading operation over the next few months. We will be seriously privately funded for our initial steps so this could lead to potential long term consulting gigs. This is a serious gig but we are only looking for very serious people who know these technologies on an expert level. If you want to do an open Q&A Meetup session for our members, let me know as this is a great test to see what kind of chops you can bring to the table. We are not looking for those just seeking to collect paychecks. We want advocates and evangelists  on this stuff so nothing less. We are not seeking boring resumes and past accomplishments, we want to see what you can deliver over the next few months!! Get in touch by commenting below.


Do note we have easier ways to find these types of people with the glut of technologists out there looking for work. We want to see what you got in the public forum so reach out if interested.

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Thanks Bryan

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