Truth on why MQL5 due to Metatrader wants 500K for their server edition. Could this be failure for any forex trading newbie?

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2014)

Truth on why MQL5 is not so popular due to Metatrader wants 500K for their server edition. Could this be failure for any forex trading newbie?

So I learned something about how your broker and your trading platform could hold back your future of success:

Did you know why there has been no MQL 6 for a while? Or the slow adoption of MQL 5 for Metatrader? This is  the best ‘free’ trading platform for forex trading but it still has not seen a major update since MQL 4. Why?

It is not just the wonky new language or backward compatibility. It is something very sinister on something you never knew!

Let me explain:

An insider told me that forex brokers pay about $250k for the server edition of Metatrader but the broker’s customers never pay for the cient Metatrader edition. Now this is for version 4.

I have been told the vendor of Metatrader now want $500k approx for the server edition of Metatrader 5. What broker would pay that? This is where they make their money. That is nearly double than the previous version of #5. 

How does this impact you?

Simple. Not only is your trading platform holding you back from your trading ideas technically but now the vendors are holding your broker hostage as well. WTF? Why would you do that to yourself. Feel like a chump?  I would.

So you are NOW stuck on a HIGHLY limited trading platform ? Your success is being threatened over the long term due to some greedy platform vendor.

Do you really want to trade like sheep with that dumb herd mentality? You can only download the ideas from some strategy site?

Come on. The real success to trading is being innovative and unique. That is it. So come up with your own trading ideas with no license restriction or technical walls.

Do that with my Quant Elite to get the trading platform source code you need with fullvideo code walk throughs so you can learn instantly. Throw out that primitive platform to start profiting NOW!


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P.S. Updated information on the pricing but believe what you will (I prefer more clarification on the pricing of these server editions)


Before you build your result in this email, I highly advise you to have a good preface first. I hope you bring true information because I honestly have other thoughts about you now.

I contacted meta quotes many times to price me their mt4 and all the time they say it costs me 100k.

So, before you doodling, please double check with them as if you want their service then if true, judge them. Simple!

I don’t care of meta quotes, but I care of persons like you who teach people how bad people are, so under your rules that I always agree with, please don’t be one of them.

Take this as an advice. No offensive at all.



Metatrader 4:


st of all, today I will explain it to you the actual cost to be a broker with MetaTrader 4 license. The cost of Metaquotes license $100,000 but you can get some extra discount if you know how to negotiable with them with price around $80,000 or if you are good and romance spoke person, maybe you will get with price $70,000 . You can make the payment by 1 shot or arrange the installments 5 or 6 times. Monthly commitments payment to Metaquotes is about $2250 (MetaTrader 4 platform $1500 + mobile $750).


Also Also anybody know how much MT4 software cost for brokers, I wonder why so many small brokers could offer MT4 platform, are they cheap. As far as I know Metatrader cost is more than $ 300,000 for big brokers licence


Who knows? WHo cares really?



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