Lessons learned from internet trolls thanks to this cool Anonymous and Hacktivist movie

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2014)

Lessons learned from internet trolls thanks to this cool Anonymous and Hacktivist movie

This was a non trading documentary but hits the hart of any programming or techie. This was sent out by Paul Cottrell.

Lessons learned but rant alert:

1. I am mixed on this. I understand these socially awkward misfits need a sense of community. I am pretty well one of them. I get that and respect their attack on Scientology and racists. Good one but when they attack innocent businesses indirectly like Paypal, my business survival is at stake because their precious little WIkileaks funding was pulled. That is when they cross the line so I send a big FU to them.

2. When any site like mine is honestly run to help dozens of people, you will always get little demented trolls with their stupid comments. Ok fine but will that stop me from posting stuff? I don’t think so but this documentary clearly shows these types are frustrated little boys in their mommy’s basement with no where to go on Saturday nights. Boo hoo. You are just like one of those little maggots who are invited to someone’s house, decide to take a crap in the corner, and think it is funny. It ain’t and you look a moron. As a result, I think engaging with these twisted psychotic types is dumb so I will ignore them. Give them their little platform to spew but they don’t realize that their lonely misery is not going to stop people like me from succeeding.  Oh yeh, a big FU to them again.
Boy that felt better so the rant is over.

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