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(Last Updated On: July 21, 2014)


This was a question from one of you, my Newsletter Subcribers, who was part of the EXCLUSIVE LIVE webinars

Hi Bryan, thanks again for the webinar you held last night, it was very interesting. 

I wish I started to learn math for building Algo since the beginning of my journey. I would have saved much time.

During the chat…, I mentioned the need to build an approach. What I meant by approach was a basic sequence of logical steps in order to validate trading ideas.

I found very interesting one of the book published from Emilio Tomasini & Urban Jaeckle titled: “Trading Sytems / A new approach”

Since I started coding with Mt4 I thought that I could replicate the same process, but I was wrong:

– Memory limit for files over 4Gb (I cannot test more than 2-3 years data with tick data)

– Walk Forward Analysis tool missing

– Parameter space optimizer missing

– Monte Carlo Simulator missing

– Portfolio testing missing


For poor average John it becomes difficult to deal with all these issues without spending a fortune on proprietary platform. On the top of that you still do not know what you should with that software.

At this point I amwondering if the wiser choice I  can take would be to sign up to a university to study Finance and forget about trading for the coming years. 

I look forward to hearing from you.  See more 

I address all these in my video link here:  See more

If interested, you can always become an Elite quant by going here.

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