Here is your FREE Video Master Classes MATHEMATICS FOR QUANTITATIVE FINANCE from the CQF

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2014)


This was recently announced which is FREEEEEEEEE……….


Here is your FREE Video Master Classes MATHEMATICS FOR QUANTITATIVE FINANCE from the CQF


This 7-hour workshop provides CQF Institute members with a quick refresher in the mathematical principles required for quant finance and illustrates how they are used in industry:

– Calculus, probability and differential equations

– Random walks, stochastic calculus, Ito’s lemma and Black Scholes

Introduction to Calculus (48 Minutes)

Calculus, Probability, Differential Equations, Taylor Series, Black Scholes, etc etc – See more for the complete list
As you know, I am learning my own interpretation of this via Khan Academy which is FREE. I have posted various important links to the exact videos I am learning into my membership:


Some of the exact and recent topics I have posted included: 


Partial derivative, Double integrals, Taylor series approximations, Maclaurin series and Euler’s identity, Sequence convergence and divergence, Sequences, etc etc


This will save you time by weeding out the unnecessary math topics for finance!


You can learn more about my progress at:


Progress of Khan Academy math learning for quant trading will have HUGE impact – See more


Wow. Want to learn more about my updated membership?


Learn more here.


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