Here is a list of valid alternative data providers to IQFeed for market data and real time feed

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2014)

Here is a list of valid alternative data providers to IQFeed for market data and real time feed:


Valid alternatives to IQFeed for real time market data for quant trading and research ? Kinetick, Ignite, Quandl and more – See more


Thanks to all for the input as this really helps me make a decision. All in all, here is what I think:


1. Kinetick could be a viable option but they don’t have real time data feeds overnight while the markets are closed.


2. ESignal is on par with IQFeed but double the price


3. Ultimately, when I start live trading with someone like Interactive Brokers, I don’t think I would use IQFeed anymore.


4. There are some new upstarts to potentially watch like Ignite.


Shall I say more?


Thanks again for all the all input




P.S. If you want to learn more on how to apply IQFeed into your trading, check out the first module of this course.

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