What are your favorite sites to learn about quant research strategies or trading ideas?

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2014)

Do you really take these extra sites seriously?

quant research

Where do most people get their best trading ideas? I would like to know so I can dig into what makes them profitable. Let me know by commenting away at the link below.
What are your favorite sites to learn about quant research strategies or trading ideas? – See more
It is kind of strange how these recent but popular startups don’t really help each other or their own customers.  For example, one person I know did not even hear back from QuantStart after specific questions. We tried to get Quantopian to present their project to you guys/gals through our Meetup groups. We never heard back so it makes me wonder if their venture capitalists would be annoyed when they could market their platform for free. Anton Kreil’s clan will not answer specific questions before shelling out $1500. Then there is Tim Sykes who will yell for you to learn his many videos. Your choice!


Anyone got an opinion selling trading strategies to Collective2? Learning experience from Quantopian or QuantStart? – See more


I wish I did this years ago but this video demonstrates what I am posting as I am going through in terms of learning pure math for quant trading ideas. It is painful upfront but my confidence has already shot up enormously so I hope you can reap the benefits as well.


Latest Khan Academy math courses uploaded for quant members– See more


As it says, these are links for my members. I am starting to feel these memberships I maintain are really becoming a ‘one stop shop’ to learn quant, automated trading infrastructure, and even high frequency trading potentially. I have so many ideas I want to unleash after I accomplish this pure math learning phase. This includes my Excel/Java stock screeners, F#, and so much more.


Join me at learning at one of the Memberships below:


Join for my Affordable Premium Membership


Or Quant Elite


So many benefits listed here


Even some of my most recent members who have not been a member for 24 hours said this:


“you are already doing great job.. in not so open friendly market… as quant-HFT..ect”


I believe in customer service where I hope to make you a profitable automated trader. I can’t promise but I try. The only thing stopping is you and your inner drive. Have you got the motivation to be a $5 Million + trader? 


Big thanks for sticking around and reading




P.S. I learn from some of the best researchers and most profitable  trading firms on the planet.

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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