Frustrated with losing at trading? Eliminate your broker to go DMA, the secret of quant and math to secrets of constant profit

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2014)

Frustrated with losing at trading? Eliminate your broker to go DMA, the secret of quant and math to secrets of constant profit

Someone else responded to my posting of:

Will retail trading platforms like Tradestation Metatrader and Ninja Trader actually make you lose money?

They said:

My conclusion, control your destiny by owning your own technology and infrastructure. 

But as I a trader I need to have a broker, so there are things I can’t control, am I right ?

—> Eliminate brokers if possible

I try to control everything, but how can I know how exchanges work in the inside ? I can’t see Euronext’s server to understand what they send to feed providers. How can I do that ?

–> To get direct market acccess, you need a large trading account of probably $1M trading account. If not, they may not or even the brokers who have direct access will not pick up your phone call


I am frustrated because I have the feeling I can’t find the truth about what’s happening to the market.

–> Markets are totally random. Real profitable PRO traders in smart money prey on beginning traders of dumb money. They trade like sheep so they get slaughtered.  These people go to some stock market club or read some technical analysis magazine offering nothing unusual where thousands of others are doing the same thing. They use the same retail trading software and use the same strategies. Other beginners think they can use historical data to forecast with. All successful pro traders who profit in the millions + don’t believe in past data. They only use it to test a trading theory. They also use quant methods to forecast. In short, you may need to use that rocket science to trend the market. That is all.


> Thank you Bryan,
> I really feel like I have to be part of your community….
> Technical guys are going to be the masters of the finance, and sooner
> or later,  “blabla” guys will disappear.
> My passion for finance is just too recent. So I just need much more
> time to be sure that I want to spend money to train myself with your
> website, and also to earn the money.
> I am patient, and your free videos are enough usefull at the moment.
> Sooner or later I will need more.

Don’t worry about your English. My typing is much worst! My community helps each other or at least I deliver as I find stuff. I am mostly technical but you need to apply the math to be profitable honestly. You will honestly most find people who sell education really do not deliver any personal communucation or just yell at you for not watching videos (think Tim Sykes). We don’t work that way.
P.S. I have tonnes of videos online (youtube.com/quantlabs) or hundreds of private content on my memberships. You decide. Cool?


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