Yes quant and trading platform courses included in Quant Elite with SECRET FPGA for lowest latency HFT research under way

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

Yes all quant and trading platform courses are included to be a Quant Elite. SECRET FPGA for ultra lowest latency HFT research under way too

Here is some correspondence about Q&A about our Elite Membership!

Hi, I just want to make a bit clear to myself.. – the question goes..
With Elite Membership I do have full access on all courses and trading software sources you have.. at this time.. If I apply for a Elite membership, I do not need to purchase all Courses which are available.. Am I right ??

thereYes you are exactly correct. All courses are included with this membership! We are also bringing in new trading ideas as well which will not go public. Let me know if this helps. You can reach me for faster response at



Ok. I will be doing more custom private webinars for people. We also got the FPGA seminars also by someone called MR FPGA

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