This a review from the NYC Contact on his view of the Anton Kreil Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management presentation

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)
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 More criticisms of this school and guru are:

Anton Kreil May Not Be Worth His $3,000 Price Tag

Institute Of Trading And Portfolio Management

Why waste 10K on this old man, cave man, going by the way of the dodo stupid waste of time stuff?

This a review from the NYC Contact on his view of the Anton Kreil Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management presentation

Went to the ‘Trading the Truth’ Seminar given by Anton Kreil last night. Here is what happened:

I got to the conference center at exactly 6 PM (it’s uncanny how often I make it exactly on time!) Took the elevator to the 2nd floor, when the doors opened, the first person I saw was Anton. I extended my hand to him and we said our hellos.

In the lecture room, I was lucky enough to sit right next to a guy who had recently taken Anton’s Online Trading Course. I introduced myself and we spent some time exchanging information. I asked several questions during Anton’s lecture regarding how he manages correlation risk. Afterwards we went to the pub and I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted. I probably spoke with Anton for about 30 minutes.


The course for month is $1499.00, you can do in a month if you put in about 90-100 hours of studying. The Exam is 100 multiple choice questions and you have 90 minutes to complete it. You can only take the exam once. Anton said students who have passed with a grade of 83% or greater have mostly turned into profitable traders.


ME: How do you manage correlation risk?
Anton – Mostly by looking at the fundamentals, for a liquidity event like the flash crash, you need to have some extra cash set aside (i.e. 10% of the entire portfolio set aside
for market crash hedges, we spoke about VX futures and Currencies/Dollar Hedges)

Open question – How do you manage the non-linear risk in the underlying and in the options (Gamma and Vega risk are non-linear)

ME: What do you think of Tim Sykes’s web site

Anton – There is no guarantee that the traders who register an account with that site don’t have another unregistered account with inverse positions, and just registered the account that had the positive P&L.

ME: Does your course spreadsheet show how to manage correlation by using the corresponding P&L?

Anton: Yes. They do.

ME: How does the Institute audit its students and traders?

Anton: We have hired the services of accounting firm to do all the audits. Trading account audits are free for all students as long as the account has a positive P&L.

Summary: Anton is a really nice guy who is super smart and quite funny at times. He is very charismatic and you will like him right away. I think the course may be great for anyone who wants to do correlation trading. The only thing is I would prefer is a more quantitative approach instead of a Fundamental/Macro one. Still the course is very tempting.
I learned a lot at the seminar and have some new trading ideas as a result.

Key Takeaways:

1) The Fundamental/Macro overlay provides the direction bias in the portfolio

2) Diversification/Correlation is used to reduce the volatility of the portfolio P&L

3) Money management is by Correlation, P&L statistics and
Fundamentals. The decision is made mostly on the Fundamentals.

4) Reserve some cash for market crash hedges.


UPDATES: I have decided to check out the latest review which seems to be not looking nice

 $7k for 12 mentoring sessions of 30 min each …
I have lost an additional of about USD3000 by following the mentor recommendation on the trades.

I hope this guy offers guarantees of performance based on these prices. Or even at least offer some sort of transparent and verified track record for ‘performance’!

this guy is good.dont know about as a trader but seems one slick snake oil salesman.
what is ‘trading the truth’ and ‘tearing investment banks a new one’ (or something along those lines).is he now into selling high end holidays aswell?

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