Smart people in London program in DotNet F Sharp vs Python

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2014)
Smart people in London program in F# vs Python
50% higher salary? »
Why smart people in London program in F# vs Python? 50% higher pay dummy See why»
Is .NET F Sharp the PERFECT Python language for a trader?
Even high frequency trading »
I don’t use Python at all but here are some presentation stating the case for F# Serious...Check it out  »
Top 3 Things For Profitable Trading
It’s all about the math, math, math, and even more math.

I just posted some links about polynomials and special kind of division and even asymptote.
Wow! I wish I did this 3 years ago.

F Sharp big in London City Finance?
Really? How true is this? »
I think there are several reasons why F# has grown so quickly in popularity. The functional paradigm is particularly well-suited for parallel programming and data science, both of which have seen tremendous growth lately.  Find our more »
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