Paul Cottrell Online Global Meetup on Volatility of The 2008 Crisis May 27 at 7pm EST

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2014)

A few highlights to update you with my latest findings in Matlab:


Paul Cottrell Online Global Meetup Volatility of The 2008 Crisis May 27 at 7pm EST – See more


More reasons on why you should use Matlab:


See these awesome webinars : Why I use Matlab for my quant trading algorithm and strategy model research – See more


Sorry Mathworks does not pay me to say this stuff!


This is a really big deal as many are piling in to make this community much much better. The workflows mentioned in this posting are somewhat revolutionary for me. I can develop all my algorithms symbolically which is much smarter than numerically. Well read it to get understand my point:


Happy user to my Quant HFT Manifesto, journey of easy algo reseasrch to DotNET trading platform deployment – See more

Highlights include:
Just want to say keep up the good work and stay persistent and enthusiastic! It would be realy cool to see a update of your trading platform progress in your youtube channel!!! …I realy like your workflow! Thx for the videos!

If you want to learn all this in affordable do check out the benefits listed here.


-> What are the benefits to learn?  <-


Even more benefits listed here


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