Need to install Boost on your Visual C++ and Visual Studio ? Follow these instructions

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2014)

Need to install Boost on your Visual C++ and Visual Studio ? Follow these instructions

You don’t have to “install” Boost in Visual Studio. What you need is to point your IDE (in this case Visual Studio) to the folders which contain the Boost headers and the lib files (if you have built Boost – some Boost libraries are header-only, some need to be built). Take a look at Boost Getting Started for further details.

Quick start:

  • start your command prompt and go to the folder in which you have unzipped boost
  • execute bootstrap.bat
  • execute “.\bjam –build-type=complete stage” – this will build almost everything in Boost.

Note: make sure you have the VC++ compiler and linker in the environment variable PATH.




  1. Unzip Boost into a new directory.
  2. Start a 32-bit MSVC command prompt and change to the directory where Boost was unzipped.
  3. Run: bootstrap
  4. Run: b2 toolset=msvc-12.0 --build-type=complete --libdir=C:\Boost\lib\i386 install
    • For Visual Studio 2012, use toolset=msvc-11.0
    • For Visual Studio 2010, use toolset=msvc-10.0
  5. Add C:\Boost\include\boost-(version) to your include path.
  6. Add C:\Boost\lib\i386 to your libs path.

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