Math and algorithm development now take center stage over technlogy for quant trading and strategy research

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2014)

Math and algorithms now take center stage over technlogy for quant trading and strategy research
As you can imagine over the years, I have sliced and diced the technology side of platforms and infrastructure. I am pretty confident with my decisions on what to use going forward. Many will try to enter into some flame tech wayr over language or operating system. Sorry, I am way beyond that now.

It is time to focus on algorithms with the math side. I got many responses from the legends so I will let you discover on your own.

And now…my fireside chat with Dr Ernie Chan about cracking the code with Deutsche Bank forex FX quant trading strategy

Can you help interpret this Deutche Bank Forex FX quant trading strategy?

Thanks to all for the responses. I will be going through each important one to dig further to analyze.

Just remember a few things:

Use Khan Academy and Bionic Turtle to learn the basic math side of things

I have my ‘Battle of Strategies’ still underway to analyze which trading strategies work.

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