Here is my MANIFESTO to those learning how to profit using quant and HFT like trading platform

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2014)

Here is my Manifesto to my community of QuantLabs.net and my Meetups:

1. Always look for the quickest path to market your trading ideas to constant profit

2. Use the best and easiest to use technologies that are proven with proper documentation, community, and most of

all fun to use. No frustrations should be involved in building dependencies or disappointment in scripts breaking in

your chosen language’s next major release.

3. Educate Educate Educate

4. Be open and transparent at high level always to help guide those who don’t want to go off path in the end resultthey seek.

5. Lastly, use your community as the most valuable resource to enable you to learn and network within. This is most important any company could ever ask for. I want you to be part of it. Most of all, I need to always say big MUCH thanks to those who are part of it, stuck it out for many years, and hopefully wish myself successes at the end.
So this morning, I decided to offer a special membership rate for the lowest rate in years. It is an introductory offering to get you hook on what I do. Most of all, if you are driven with the entrepreneurial spirit like a Dr Ernie Chan, I firmly believe you will go very far in life. All I ask, is you return the valuable goodwill you take away from this journey I have been in the last 3 years. I want you to remember always help others so they can learn to make their lives, neighborhood, and most of all your future better.
Here is the direct link to my introductory WAY AFFORDABLE RATE to get you hooked on what I am doing. I do think the next few weeks should get very interesting. Just read about my discoveries in Mupad, Simulink, and Matlab Coder. Search the blog at quantlabs.net/blog

Get our latest offering here. 
If you need to learn more about this,
Go here to learn the absolute many benefits
Or learn about saving yourself at 3 least years in developments costs if you choose to go the self taught and TRUE financial independence you seek.

Thanks for reading this


P.S. We are all not that bad in this business despite what you hear about on Wall St. Screw ’em, I don’t need them.
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