Happy user to my Quant HFT Manifesto, journey of easy algo reseasrch to DotNET trading platform deployment

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

Happy user to my Quant HFT Manifesto, journey of easy algo reseasrch to DotNET trading platform deployment

This was a response of my Manifesto after the weekend. Responses like this really drive me to keep pouring it on.


Thanks to people like this through my newsletter:

this is a guy from Germany.
During the last weeks when I was researching about technologies for my own custom trading platform, I noticed your youtube channel.

I start watching you videos from beginning and had a lot of fun to see you fighting with all the issues.
It was like a time journey cause some, or better say most, experiences I had by my self too 😉

About 4 years ago I came in contact with trading and became infected by the idea of automated trading.
I’m a research engineer in a big automotive company and my day job is about modeling and simulation of
Physical and chemical processes.
So it was clear to me to see a overlapping in methods cause very deep analyzing of time series was my bread and butter at this time.
So I tried Metatader but soon I came to the point that this isn’t sufficient and the only profitable can be the broker. So I started a similar journey and tried many tools and platforms until coming to the point the only way is to develop by my self and having full control…
But which prog. language, Windows or Linux and all the basic questions.
And so on and so on…

Just want to say keep up the good work and stay persistent and enthusiastic!
It would be realy cool to see a update of your trading platform progress in your youtube channel!!!


–> wow! What can I say! A lot of of the above pretty well is in line with what I do. Do remember I like easy solutions not complicated processes you need to babysit. Also, I am right now focused on Windows with .NET (C#)as a front end. On the algo backend, I do believe I have a really good workflow for transition to either C++/C (for DLLs) or even ultra low latency HFT via HFT.


As for trading platform components, that is for my paying members as that is propietary. Yo! Daddy gotta pays the bills you know.

See more dialogue below on this!

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> Hi Bryan,
> nice to see you like my comment.
> About update update of your platform I mean it would be cool see the
> progress in terms of demonstration on surface level.
> Would be nice to see you demonstration new features (e.g new charting
> feature or backtester, all without showing source).
> The source you could keep for your members for sure.
> Just would be cool to see your baby growing 😉
–> It is growing as more people are piling into contribute. It makes it better. I am looking at a new workflow to make the process even better

NEW Workflow Qaunt Algo from Research Paper to Simulink to C C++ or FPGA HDL for ultra lowest latency HFT

This is a very slow process as it takes long to learn the raw math for whatever algorithms I go with . I will post my throughts on the blog Youtube channel as I proceed

> PS: Is you forum for members only?

–> There is a special section for my Members but it is not public.
> I was about to contribute some info concerning some of your questions
> but was not able to do it…

–> What were the symptoms where you could not contribute? If you could walk me through the process, I will try to help

> Currently for me a membership don’t makes sense cause I allready have
> my own platform but I always looking for information exchange (not
> only taking infos also telling…).

–> Understood, if you read my newer workflow analysis, this could help people build DLLs or C static libraries (for Linux) so that could help there as we roll out this process


Hi Bryan,
about the forum:
I googled “quantlabs.net forum” and got this link:    http://quantlabs.net/academy/forum/
But I can’t open a account or give any input.
If the is the ‘non public’ part it not well hidden 😉
–> I see what you are saying, you need to register to create an account for the forum. Do that here:
You also should take into account that there is something like “http://archive.org/web/”
Now it not relevant cause they dont store videos – but you don’t know for the future…
I realy like your workflow! Thx for the videos!
–> no problems
By my self, I have around 9 years Matlab and Simulink experience and its always impressive to see what’s possible.
–> It makes life easier due to the visual representation of Simulink model development
Also there is a new product called Simscape, I know from the very begining. (but not sure if it important for trading were I need unidirectional signal flow)
–> I have not fully played with this yet
But your workflow is for trading strategy development only.
–> this is correct
That means your trading platform is finished?
–> we have components which is part of my Quant Elite membership (http://quantlabs.net/academy/be-an-elite-quant/) This can be considered components for a trading system ranging from real time data capture to execution through Interactive Brokers (http://quantlabs.net/academy/buy-our-custom-trading-platform-course-with-source-code/). This includes hours of  video walkthroughs and actual source code as well.
Or you decided to lease a pkatform?
–> this a way to expensive option most people cannot afford (i.e.e $6k-9$k per month)
NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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