Amazing tutorials ! R for Quantitative Finance Tutorial 3

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(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

Microsoft is seeking your thoughts on a new data science project for Visual Studio so see below!


This young guy could be the next Max Dama:


Amazing tutorials ! R for Quantitative Finance Tutorial 3 Quantmod TTR XTS Object¬†–¬†See more


Get your input now to make Microsoft the cool software company it once was!


WHOA¬†Microsoft¬†wants your opinion on their new data science project with Python Matlab and Visual Studio for quant trading¬†–¬†See more


Eeek. Mr Sykes is getting challenged by Huffington Post:


And now a special message from Tim Sykes: The Simple Strategy My Students & I Use To Become Millionaires Really?¬†–¬†See more


This is the quickest path to learn everything as this person is hinting towards:


Yes quant and trading platform courses included in Quant Elite with SECRET FPGA for lowest latency HFT research under way¬†–¬†See more


Also, this is most affordable way to start learning now:


There is another affordable option through our Premium Membership.




Thanks Bryan


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