Amazing tutorials ! R for Quantitative Finance Tutorial 3

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

Microsoft is seeking your thoughts on a new data science project for Visual Studio so see below!


This young guy could be the next Max Dama:


Amazing tutorials ! R for Quantitative Finance Tutorial 3 Quantmod TTR XTS Object – See more


Get your input now to make Microsoft the cool software company it once was!


WHOA Microsoft wants your opinion on their new data science project with Python Matlab and Visual Studio for quant trading – See more


Eeek. Mr Sykes is getting challenged by Huffington Post:


And now a special message from Tim Sykes: The Simple Strategy My Students & I Use To Become Millionaires Really? – See more


This is the quickest path to learn everything as this person is hinting towards:


Yes quant and trading platform courses included in Quant Elite with SECRET FPGA for lowest latency HFT research under way – See more


Also, this is most affordable way to start learning now:


There is another affordable option through our Premium Membership.




Thanks Bryan


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