Why Ernie Chan and Trading System and Methods book is easily the best for mean reversion in Matlab

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2014)

ernie chan

Biggest bank interview tips:


Do you want to work for JPMorgan Chase? Read this


I always get these general questions


What is the use of 1 min data ? How it is use full to auto trading? | Quant Academy Trading Ideas – See more

Aahh yes…. the promise of mean reversion:


Why Ernie Chan and Trading System and Methods book is best for mean reversion in Matlab – See more

Ernie Chan and Trading Systems and Methords books are best resources to learn mean reversion quant strategies with Matlab – See more
Next up is Stat Arb and PCA analysis.


All this is getting posted but you should see Matlab in action:


Matlab Financial Toolbox


Matlab Econometric Toolbox


Matlab Toolboxes: Signal Processing, Stats, Math


Matlab Toolboxes: System Identification, Wavelet, Optimize, Curve Fitting

Matlab Strategy Development Demos and Researching With Simulink

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