Is CQG considered useless to dropping feed and slow connectivity?

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2014)

Is CQG considered useless to dropping feed and slow connectivity?

This came in from a newsletter subscriber:

CQG were hopeless. Their datafeed API is COM and kept dropping. We found problems in their datacentre with servers dropping our connection due to slow connectivity. They told us they’d fixed only for them to recur. Unusable

Comments like this are imporant but feel free to provide feedback

Is CQG considered uselss”

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This was from this newsletter

Is CQG and Matlab a deadly combination I never thought of? Or Interactive Brokers?

There appears to be a hidden demand for my Quant Elite Members:

Do we say hello to a new FPGA board for potential HFT deployment?

Also I fixed this link:

Details on  Matlab Econometric Toolbox

Hope these links help you but do let me know your opinions by comment on the blog or forum

Thanks Bryan


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