Dr Ernie Chan will help these new market type forecasting strategies to implement for testing

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2014)


Big!! Dr Ernie Chan will be helping me analyze these new market type forecasting strategies I plan to implement for testing against real live market data!

Ok. I saw him about a week ago, it sounds like we will be teaming up to vet my trading ideas. Can you get any bigger than that? I don’t think so. He is such humble and transparent traders, I am honored to be teaming up with him in coming weeks. As you know, I am currently investigating a lot of high level trading examples that can be used in my basic system. The next step is to implement and go through a phase of what I call ‘Battle of the Strategies’ which will only be posted for my Quant Elite community. We are also under way with an analysis of FPGA uses for these strategies. We are also identifying what are the best self contained frameworks to move forward with. My capital providers have been sitting on the side lines very patently waiting for an actual live trading system to be ready to go. I am also of thinking of lining up with one of the sponsors on the FPGA board sides to showcase this technology. Just remember, this is a big maybe and nothing is ever final until you start profiting from a live trading strategy. Ok?

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