Questions about my R with Trading Arbitrage and Volatility and market data and submitting market orders

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2014)
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Questions about my R with Trading Arbitrage and Volatility and market data and submitting market orders

Just a quick question about R with Arbitrage.

Is for forex?

–>This can be used for any market asset
Apart pay 67 usd, what else more do I need ? I am not R coder. Do you include a basic R training ?

–> We don’t offer any basic R training but you usually just R or Matlab to work on your trading strategy idea. From there, you need to deploy it into a trading platform somehow. I am unsure how you do this but we offer other courses for this:


Complete Custom Trading Platform

We offer a complete end to end solution for trading ideas with all component for a trading operation:

Either of these are your best bets as opposed to be ‘nickled and dimed’ to death. It just depends where you are with your development and goals.


As for R itself, we use free RStudio as the Integrated Development environment and R.NET package to integrate our custom trading platform. This is not a recommended path due to the slow session imitation from within your .NET application. Matlab is a better path for this.


Do I need iqfeed for arb forex?

I would recommend as they have a new menu offering where you can get 40 sources of data globally.
Arbitrage is “one way” arbitrage or “two way/two legs” ? 

I am not sure how you mean by this type of arbitrage. You just look at the spread different between bid/ask. Is this what your are l=eluding to?
Do I need 2 brokers for make arbitrage?

Yes for sure but we only recommend Interactive Brokers. External suggested brokers would be Dukascopy (Java API only) and LMAX (both .NET and Java support). If do you need Java, I would recommend Marketcetera as open source Java platform but that is changed a lot since we looked at it 5 years ago.
How much pips is the target on this systems ?


You would need to code these targets yourself but remember all source is included.
My broker give me 2-3 pips in spread, is it possible get oportunities on Arbitrage?

I don’t see it. Who is your broker?


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