Why Quant Labs don’t care how the stock or forex market performs or not even live trade at this point? What is it?

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2014)

Why Quant Labs don’t care how the stock or forex market performs or not even live trade at this point? What is it?

This came in from a newsletter reader:

–> What is the deal? Markets are having some of the best volatility in over a year and you are sidelined writing posts about tech. Why?


Right now we are NOT interested in market performance. Last year returned over 29% on the S&P 500. We have focused on tech stuff for the last few years. Now we focus on algos for the next series of months. We are only interested in finding ones that are robust for the long term.


–> Using a MACD …..everyone knows the indicator it can only take you so far!
Right now we know that. We know lots of things but we are not interested what others think. We get 600-700 people visiting QuantLabs.net daily for a reason. We put out stuff not a lot people are putting out under one roof. Lastly, we are on a journey to find the best possible automated techniques. As said, the market will always be there and profit opportunities will always exist.

Why not try trading for a week. And come back with the good, bad and the ugly. Technology can help you and its a beautiful thing to see statistical edges work in line with a plan. But you will neve get to see that unless you put your chips on the table.


–> Correct but that is not our primary goal at this point. We don’t need to put up live money at this point. Many potential investors are sitting on the sitelines waiting for us to find the robust trading strategies. Once found, we dip our feet into the cold waters of live trading. I am sure what you are reading disappoints you. Sorry.

p.s. I know about the bad typing but I would rather focus on trading research on how we type stuff.

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