Updated client DotNet and CSharp library and drivers to NOSQL MongoDB and Redis are obsolete, junk, or a complete waste of time

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2014)

Man the new update client DotNet and CSharp library and drivers to MongoDB and Redis are obsolete, junk, or a complete waste of time

I am finding the combination of NOSQL database opions of Redis and MongoDB useless now for .NET and C#. I have spent the last 2  days trying to figure out the right combination to share market data through a distribued method. The current client libary versions of both C# Redis and MongoDB. They have updated also changes to how they open a connection, or go commercial with no announcement, etc. Honestly it is a crock a poo no different than trying to run from the Linux world. Ugh…where is the Advil just thinking about it. Seriously, what doe these developer think of? Coke sniffers. I don’t but please don’t waste your time on these anymore. All the tutorials I used are now obsolete. I have also  not even found a proper solution but this is a waste of time and a complete mess.

This product suite maybe the answer to drop all that other crap down the toilet!

http://particular.net/nservicebus <–ANOTHER MICKEY MOUSE PROJECT WASTE OF TIME!!!!! TOO MANY ERRORS DURING INSTALL AND FIRST INSTRUCTIONS. I just double confirmed none of the sample or instructions don’t work. Thrown in the junk pile.

or this free one http://docs.masstransit-project.com/en/latest/overview/videos.html <— Oh don’t bother with this pain


I found a simple Pub Sub example that actually works and simple to use. All the others are a complete waste of time!!!

But FREE like with the junk above comes at a price of complexity and configuration hell and no commercial support. I say screw that!

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