Tradestation offers no binary options and other limitations to your retail trading platform

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2014)

Tradestation offers no binary options and other limitations to your retail trading platform

This came in as a comment from one my of members


TradeStation 9.1, and their brokerage for futures, equities, and forex.
I once had several brokers, too much hassles with paperwork, so I consolidated with the “trader’s digest”.

I do little trading, mostly use it for writing and testing strategies for a few other people who do trade and do no want to fight with computer hassles. Really, I think trading and computers so not mix very well when one person tries to wear both a quant hat and a trader hat at the same time. Sometimes I trade a small size real time just to get a feel for what p’s off traders using a balky computer. Research is a much more laid back endeavor than trading.

TS has no binary options data, is not really HFT capable, but does have a good historical data cache. Can record quotes bid and offer, level 2 in real time into files, but cannot download historical quotes or level2. Now TS and Multicharts have 1 second time stamps, and with NIST utility you can set computer clock within tens of milliseconds. Still not good enough for HFT, but you need better than 1 second intervals under control even to simulate trades in low leverage swing trading or day trading styles.
Try the NIST widget to get a feel for using a synced computer.
Resetting your computer clock every few minutes enables you to count better time resolution than every second, and estimate those times when data comes in several milliseconds, seconds, or minutes late….bad time to use a market order. If the data comes in late, your order will arrive much later; you need to use anticipatory limit orders and non-anticipatory market orders at only the right times… I also use a radio tuned to WWV in background to know the time.
Other feeds with both quotes and trades data…Historical downloadable.
IQfeed, Nanex, tickdatamarket.



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