Reasons why I lost faith in open source software like Linux, R, Python, Java, MongoDB, and NOSQL

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2014)

Reasons why I lost faith in open source software like Linux, R, Python, Java, MongoDB, and NOSQL

As of today, I have lost faith in open source technologies:

Open Source Linux like Ubuntu, Debian, etc

Unless you are using professionally vetted versions like RHEL or SUSE, I would not recommend it due to the crummy development dependencies you need to build with others in your Java, C++, etc, Screw it unless you want to waste time, go with the paid versions which are professionally vetted to avoid these conflicts.

NOSQL like Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB

The server editions seem to work fine but the client connection libraries can be out of date or go into commercial status with out notice (ServiceStack.Redis). The ones I tried for both C# editions for MongoDB and Redis were useless on Windows as they seem out of date. I wasted 3 days trying to get this stuff. It worked once last year but not the current stuff.

Java 7

Please, just the latest BBC headlines on breaches of hacking which always point back to vulnerable Java 7 web editions. Thanks Oracle!


Oh man. I was excited to see the new debugging capabilities within RStudio. I like the new charting features in quantmod. But alas, another hold back of R.NET not working with the latest version of .NET or something. Don’t care, I have more important things to do. It could be because it of new updates to R which R.NET I lost faith int it pretty fast with these undocumented bugs.



I have no idea but seriously, it could have the same results as R. Uh huh.

What to do if you are pro shop?

All in all, it is like an Easter Egg hunt trying to get stuff working with these weird FREE combinations. We can’t complain but all of the above is really for hobbyists or non profitable (probably never will be) web start ups. All the hipster kids can stick with this stuff but not me! Open source comes at a cost time and productivity which is way more expensive cost of mine called time. Its ways more valuable. And actually, my productivity and level of personal frustration is a cost for me as well.

The only way to get around this open source is debate is to have any army full of coders at your disposal to rectify the technical challenges open source brings.

Are you seriously going to bet your multi million dollar trading account on the above options?

If you are profitable start up, indie, or institutional, go with the options that I use to get STUFF DONE!

PS. I know my typing sucks cause I rush stuff out.

Matlab and .NET from Microsoft. Got problems? Call the vendors. Need consulting. Call. It is expensive in licensing but is your confidence in software not worthy to consider.

Plus if you want to bitch through a comment, P-L-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-E-E-E-E–E

I don’t care of your opinion, I don’t need to have my week wasted any more. Screw it. Go hug a tree to make yourself better.


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