My results of testing SQL Server 2014 with OLTP in memory Hekaton data with millions of records for potential HFT

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2014)
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My results of testing SQL Server 2014 with OLTP in memory Hekaton data with millions of records for potential HFT

Here are the links I visited to accomplish this:

In-Memory OLTP Code Samples

Demonstration: Performance Improvement of In-Memory OLTP

Creating a Memory-Optimized Table and a Natively Compiled Stored Procedure

Under code sample of:

— insert 1,000,000 rows
DECLARE @StartId int = (SELECT MAX(ShoppingCartId)+1 FROM dbo.ShoppingCart)
EXEC usp_InsertSampleCarts @StartId, 1000000

—- verify the rows have been inserted
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.ShoppingCart

This seems to be the best test to measure performance with 1000000+ insertions and reads.

Do realize I pushed these insertions to 100 million + but I got:

DECLARE @StartId int = (SELECT MAX(ShoppingCartId)+1 FROM dbo.ShoppingCart)
EXEC usp_InsertSampleCarts @StartId, 100000000

Msg 701, Level 17, State 109, Procedure usp_InsertSampleCarts, Line 11
There is insufficient system memory in resource pool ‘default’ to run this query.

I was able to get performance of 1 second read of  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.ShoppingCart with 21,000,000 records.

It will chew up your system with these types of queries if you don’t have the right kind of processor or memory.

For my basic desktop of I7 with 8 gb probably can handle 1-2 million tops. The 21 million will chew up the processing time slicing of other applications and processes.
As a result, when you do go into live trading production, you will need a dedicated server or cluster with very fast processing power and memory to handle the data load you need. Azure could be helpful here.

Overall, I do see potential of using this for a high speed automated trading system but there will be a need of proper hardware allocation to accomplish this.

Although all tests were done using SQL Server Management Studio, I still have to test this with a C# application calling this same tested database.

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