Q&A from Happy Quant member about his future while learning his DotNet Csharp and Matlab skills

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2013)

Q&A from Happy Quant member about his future while learning his DotNet Csharp and Matlab skills
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Really enjoyed you video on “https://quantlabs.net/blog/2013/11/final-scheduled-dates-for-our-upcoming-automated-trading-system-workshop-with-membership-closing-jan-6-2014/”. really happy to be ‘ on board’. Currently (being a newbie but with programming experience) brushing up on C# and –learning Matlab basics before i start using your premier members portal.
–> Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you are part of this and I hope this community enjoys many successes in the near future.
(1) Will the webinars you are holding on Tuesday’s be available on your premier site as recordings l am based in the UK and the live webinar times do not suit me.?
–> I do make these replays for all of these workshops.
(2) Once i am comfortable with C# and Matlab, where do you recommend me to start on your premier site? If this question is too generic, please ignore, l will make the effort to find out for myself.
–> I am hoping to make a simplified version of the topics I have covered in the workshop but they will be much more expensive after Jan 6. I will make this available to you at NO cost if would like. Also, my Premium Membership will no longer be available to the public after Jan 6, 2014 so all the content in this Membership will only be available to those who stay within the membership after that. After my wildly successful campaign on my Black Friday Sale Event, all future costs for these products will be double or maybe even triple of what they are currently being priced.
Hoping you find many great strategies.

–> Thanks I will be focusing on the hardcore math courses to get my skills up in that department. I hope we can get some unique strategies banged out in the near term.

A simplified version would be great and a sincere thank you for making
> it available at no cost (although l will not be offended if you change
> your mind).
–> Absolutely not, I give all new stuff away to my current Premium Members.
I have no intentions of leaving.
Your premier site seems very resourceful and is definitely the most cost-effective solution for me to reach my goal which is to be able to create and back test strategies that l have found. Also there is nothing i have seen (in my searches to find what you are offering) out there which is as personalized as what you offer.
–> I like helping out those that want to be successful. I see many people fail because of this so joining something like mine will hopefully make them longer term successful ‘traders’. It is very cheap but I will soon be going premium pricing but you will not be affected at all.
Thanks for the kind words again and loyalty!

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