Help me with the market trading indicators without defending HFT potential tech I use or discovery process

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2013)
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Hi there

So a few days, I posted a video on:
There have been some criticism on how I am approaching things, maybe you want to add a comment at the above link or below in the Youtube.
My honest opinion is:
“First let me say the last 3-5 has been a journey on how to apply my tech knowledge to the markets. I am an outsider of this field, as well a quant newbie or quant wannabe. Most of this is about me documenting this which has lead me down many rabbit holes ranging from open source, Linux, R, etc. I got my technology tools picked out now. It seems that people want to watch which I appreciate and will always engage on the comments in a respectful without the usual troll approach. I am currently working on various models but believe me, we know this is the holy grail of profit growing trees. As I mentioned in a past video, I will be rejigging how I will be approaching these demos in 2014. There will obviously be a pay wall to keep out the tire kickers and haters of potential success. Overall, I have been open to those to prove that schmucks like me can hopefully be successful without the need of some expensive Ivy League PHD. “
Instead of defending, I am more interested into those who want to help out with this.  It will help complete this live trading model I am trying to complete. If you can help me out, that will be more beneficial for all as opposed to me needing to defend my position on this ‘so called journey’:
Most popular indicators or alerts to enter and exit the markets for your profitable trade? Moving average, STD DEV, Bollinger Band – See more at:
This will help out in finishing off my entire live trading model with portfolio weight management during trading.
Please email your thoughts or just post at
Don’t forget, this next workshop tonite will be about appealing to those who like charting from automated trading systems:
Visualization options in your automated trading system
Mon Dec 16 at 7PM EST
We got one more webinar on Thursday on:
Workshop details on databases like MYSQL or SQL Server for automated trading systems
Thur Dec 19 at 7PM EST
This will be the last of it as I will be entering a phase of repackaging of these lessons into a new course ware product worth thousands. 
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Hope this is useful to someone out there
Thanks Bryan
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