Joining the group Q&A! Why get left behind with the dinosaur retail traders?

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2013)

Joining the group Q&A! Why get left behind with the dinosaur retail traders?

This came in from my Meeup group:

Hi Bryan, Hope you’re doing well. I was just seeing if you think I’d be a good fit for your group. While I’ve completed the CFA and I haven’t had a lot of experience in using quant analysis in my own research. In the word of quant analysis I’m a real rookie. I was wondering how advanced the group is and whether or not people would be open to maybe teaching me a few things?



My way to answer is simple: With all this PHD and accreditation, it does NOT makes you a better trader for the future. In fact, everything comes down to track record. From the amount of global players entering my Linked In group, it is getting tougher. It is NOW pretty a well standard you better have some decent C++ chops behind you. If not, you are nothing compared to the rest of these experts. So, it is not a question of how advanced this group is, how much work are you willing to put into get to this level. My MEMBERSHIP uses the easiest pick up technologies out there which is Matlab and .NET with C#. If you want to tinker with he low level Linux stuff like R, C++, Python, and others as they are more complicated and fragile. Going down my path enables you to focus on one thing, developing quant trading strategies with NO other headaches. Once you get to that level with a decent track record, then start playing with the tech stuff. My MEMBERSHIP takes away all that lost time I put in the last 3 years. ALso,  this new workshop starting this THURS will help you to get there on the cheap. So ask yourself this: are you wanting to get left behind with all those other whiney DINOSAUR retail traders or join the next generation traders who are coders, mathematicians that make guaranteed profit. You choose. Hope this helps.


BTW, I am only doing this workshop series once and all the related costs will be shooting up to a level only targeted to the enterprise or UHNW.

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