Video Demo of Mean Reversion Matlab script with DotNet automated trading system with Interactive Brokers or IQFeed

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2013)
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Video Demo of Mean Reversion Matlab script with DotNet automated trading system with Interactive Brokers or IQFeed


I call it Next Generation Trading. Here is why :

So now I can run either Interactive Brokers or IQFeed real time tick data within my live trading strategy (written in .NET C#) against an algorithm or model with execution of any of type of orders Interactive Brokers supports. This even includes trailing stops! This video showcases all of this!

Your algorithm can be code generated to C++ with Matlab, use Matlab Builder NE generated DLL, C++, C#, IronPython and even R. It seems that it is quick enough to keep up with ticks but that depends on the size of your trading algorithm.

Here you get 100% scalability, full source code control, non black box transparency, and other many advantages mentioned in the video.

Did I mention you get all the source code and even video code walkthroughs in my Membership?

Did I mention I am compiling the full 4-6 week outline for my upcoming 1 TIME ONLY intense workshop to learn all of these components?

I will be releasing it soon. Once complete two things will happen:

1. All public access will be removed from my Premium Membership ! That hard deadline will be set within a few days once I complete the outline.

2. After this workshop is completed, I will be repackaging this as a compiled course for Academy which will be priced literally THOUSANDs of dollars. I am will be targeting both enterprise level firms and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

In short, take advantage of this workshop in two ways:

1. Get the LOWEST price NOW to this workshop which gives LIVE Q&A ability for each events of the various topics. Afterwards, I will not have a lot of time to focus on areas like this anymore so I will be moving away from it! I don’t even think I will be able to respond to  non-Member general public queries like this in the past. I currently turn away very high paying consulting gigs to help large firms from my newly developed skills.

2. Get full access within the entire Premium Membership with hundreds of postings available to my technical and  trading research journey over the last 3 years. This contains many gold nuggets that will not be revealed including secretive source coding projects with hours upon hours of video source code walkthroughs. Remember I will be removing PUBLIC access to this in coming weeks.

3. Lastly, I keep it highly affordable for those starting out, this is what I think is the best place to learn how to trade and build automated trading systems. I only use the easiest to use technology which is yet the most powerful. My 500+ videos on Youtube should prove that! I will also save you literally many years of wasted development time on building custom trading platforms and strategies. Cut that down and start trading for profits NOW. The future is here.

It is your call on your trading future but I would strongly consider

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Get into the action NOW on this upcoming workshop for newbies in technology and learning Next Generation Trading.  Again, NOW is the time or hold your breath in anticipation forever!



NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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