Use Tsunami.io to embed an IDE into #Excel and code #DotNET functions on the fly

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2013)

Use Tsunami.io to embed an  IDE into #Excel and code #DotNET functions on the fly

From a Member:

Check out Tsnumai.io

You can embed the IDE into Excel and code .NET functions on the fly.
Kinda the best of both worlds.
More uses from the user:
I’ve been able to do some pretty cool stuff.  E.g Genetic Optimization in Matlab that calls out tomy .NET code and I can change my fitness functions on the fly with Tsunami.
The biggest benefits of Python IMHO are usage of learning algorithms from the scientific computing community and unfortunately most libraries from what I understand do not run  properly on IronPython.  This is Purely F#. All your WPF/Windows Forms controls will work embedded within this as well.  If you need to call Python code you can do so through COM (or if its IronPython, just call it like any other Library in .NET).

Free now, he might charge later can’t seeing it ever costing more then a few hundred bucks.
–> Now this is very cool. Thanks for the note.
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