Upcoming specific webinars for quant traders and developers on IQFeed, Matlab, Simulink, Interactive Brokers, DOTNET etc.

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2013)

My responses followed by –>

Hi Bryan,

I have enlisted for the 2 online events in the coming week. For the webinars I have the following questions:

1. General: where are you going to and what will come out of it ?

–> I have listed the topics on the registration page

Register for webinar on Introduction to Next Generation Trading with focus of Quant, Automated Trading

2. More specific:

I would like to see more details for making the trading platform: like step 1 – use this- do that, step 2 – take output 1- use this- do that , step 3 …………, etc.
i want to make a workable system, daytrading, fast, but not hft for now (too expensive). Do it step by step.

Use IQFeed, Matlab, Simulink, Interactive Brokers, etc.

–> Guess what? I will do separate webinars on these which will drill down on how these systematic processes and tools will work. This will be only available for my QuantLabs.net Premiums Members only which are you are. Check the membership for details when I schedule it. Also, these will be HFT potential but really automated trading instead.

3. How to test the strategies ?

–> In development now but that will take many months now that I place to implement them.


–> These will be recorded which will be part of my future course on this platform.


Good luck,


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