For order book and backtest: how to capture real time data to be integrated into your Matlab quant trading script and DotNet Csharp

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2013)

This came in from a member:

Hey Pal,

In the past month I have been analyzing HFT data from the Brazilian Markets. I'm still on the 
backtesting phase and I'm facing some complications.

Have you ever tried to recreate the Market for a given security tick-by-tick? I'm trying to 
do that from scratch In Matlab and let me say that I'm have some good results. I'm not 100% 
satisfied because I find weird behavior in the processed data. 

Do you have anything that might help?

Many thanks
This one is kind of easy I guess. If you are using Matlab and with something like .NET and C#, 
check out this out with Matlab Build NE toolbox option.

> Great I'll take a look. > 
> Any idea of latency for that? How fast we have to be in order to be
> competitive analyzing the market depth?

If you use Matlab Builder NE, you will definitely get latency of a few seconds. The other option
is to code generate to C++ or C for native calls using Matlab Coder toolbox. This is the option 
I am going with. The only condition is you need to make sure that your Matlab code generate 
lgo/script can be keep up with the incoming ticks otherwise to you need to handle with a 
slower frequency like minute bars. 

You could integrate it into something like tin the video below.
Note source code is available for this for my Premium Members
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