is openPDC a decent FREE open source DotNET project good for CEP besides SQL Server StreamInsights

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2013)

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This keeps coming up with visitors asking questions about getting into automated trading with quant:

Another Q&A on advise on how to get into quant via your math skills and university courses for HFT potential


is openPDC a decent open source DotNET project good for CEP besides SQL Server StreamInsights


This open source project is quite interesting as it is FREE open source. You could even use a FREE database like MYSQL to use as a repository. As said in the video, I will stick with my StreamInsights within SQL Service which is commercial.

I am really hoping to get to this bulk of the custom automated trading system done so I can start my focus on the strategies. As it stands, I am hoping to a do a multi day intensive workshop on all the components with source code walk throughs on this upcoming automated trading system platform. I will be doing this even once and once only. I need to move on to other steps within my company at QuantLabs.net. Get involved as it will be FREE for QuantLabs.net Premium Members. This will be cheapest it will ever get as I will be pricing this in the thousands after.


Here are many more benefits

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