Honest feedback for us HFT and quant wannabee newbies

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2013)

Honest feedback for us HFT and quant wannabee newbies


From a newsletter subscriber:


Just some feedback.  I LOVE receiving your updates that outline what you are working on.

1) However, there is NEVER a link to the membership area either in your emails NOR on your site.  I ALWAYS have to look it up, which is extremely frustrating.

2) I also HATE you pop-up on the site.  I have dual wide-screen screens and I have to go ‘full-screen’ to close your pop up.  I would think you would be able to install a cookie that would recognize people who have viewed your site and NOT continually pop up.

3) the organization of your material is frustrating.  I would think you would have a better method of organizing it.  When I have to scroll around, it makes things frustrating.


Just some loving feedback.  Hopefully not offensive to you.


My answer:


You are absolutely correct on your views. I appreciate that. The site sections will be massively revamped in coming weeks to address everything you mention. It  will be more unified and simpler. Thanks again


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