Get ready the new HFT potential demos are now complete. Will close out access to source code very soon

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2013)

Hi there
Everything for this new customer trading platform with HFT potential is now completed and demoed for my QuantLabs.net Premium Membership. This includes private video source code walkthroughs and complete source code examples:
Demo C# message queuing subscriber realtime IQFeed  Simulink mode against Interactive Brokers TWS

Demo on how to generate simple Simulink DLL from code generation with CLR for DotNet

Simple demo calling from C# to a Simulink code generated c++ DLL

Demo of C# call with calling to Simulink code generation C++ model

Wow! This raises my confidence on setting the hard set date for closing out the QuantLabs.net Premium Membership to the public forever! Why? I don’t need the world to know my trading edge but don’t mind a small group of people about knowing it.
This new trading platform will evolve into an expensive course to be part of the QuantLabs.net Academy.  What am I sayting? Get in on this membership while there is still access and is still affordable.
More topics for the future you should be aware of:
Hft potential componenets complete with source code in DotNet CSharp C++ and Matlab


My Custom automated hft potentially could be ported to Linux or Apple OSX Mac thanks to C++ Java Matlab
Is JBOSS Drools eBPM or Tibco the best CEP out there? Screw that we got our own simple one for HFT
I will explain further tomorrow how I will evolve these membership into the future.
Thanks for reading


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