From the London Quant: New open source CEP in DotNet and CSharp for quant trading and HFT

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2013)

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Here is some very valuable info from the London Quant. I am revisiting the most complicated part of this whole trading platform development: order management.

“it took me 3 months to have a stable version of it that can handle any funny rules”

Well I am still working on it looking for my trading system.

Having this highly intelligent real world and profitable quant at my disposal saves me so much time and avoid frustration.

Here are some more tips offered yesterday:

From the London Quant: New open source CEP in DotNet and CSharp for trading and HFT potential coming soon


Lesson learned: tracking orders and positions is most complicated for automated trading platforms or HFT


The London Quant reaction to reaction extension programming or Rx framework which is part of Microsoft C# and dotnet


As said before, this Quant is very useful. Many of his ideas are being implemented into this new custom trading platform I am coding up. His fund and platform is trading in millions per month since May. I am not saying that you can achieve  this, but the potential is there which his unique knowledge..

Once this is complete, the entire set of golden nuggets of this platform building will be removed from public forever. This will most likely be the last opportunity as well as the most affordable way to see how the secretive hedge fund and prop shops do it. Before I remove the public access, you may as well:


Here are some extra benefits you get with this current QuantLabs.net Premium Membership

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