Unknown but alternatives to Interactive Brokers with potential broker connectivity to FREE open source trading Tradelink

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2013)

Unknown but alternatives to Interactive Brokers with potential broker connectivity to FREE open source trading Tradelink

This came in from someone via Youtube. This could be an important list but I like named brand brokers as my

money will be sitting in their accounts.  Thanks to him for providing this.

A couple other options that you might want to consider:

Vision Financial Markets (Genesis no longer exists as a brokerage, but you can use their TradeNavigator platform through something like Vision):


Cobra Trading (they offer IB TWS, and can give you an extra layer of protection, or you can just use IQ or Realtick for equities/options only):



Home 3

They offer DAS. Equities/options only.

Speedtrader’s affiliate based in the Bahamas called SureTrader:

SureTrader (offers DAS, no PDT rules, so people with under $25,000 accounts can still trade):


Mastertrader (offers realtick and Sterling)


More feedback

Speedtrader/SureTrader are affiliated with DAS (same guy owns all 3), and again with SureTrader, no PDT limit for trading, you can trade with under 25,000. You can use the DAS Api which even works with tradelink, it also has FIX.

Vision is a credited FCM, for sure. You can use realtick/genesis through vision for futures and equities trading (including fx futures)


Keep in mind that DAS is a nasdaq platinum partner:


And the same people who own DAS also own speedtrader and suretrader (which can give your clients the right to trade at under $25,000 since its based in the bahamas). Tradelink supports DAS too.

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ChoiceTrade is another one:


(equities/options) also uses DAS.

If they’re newbies, then you can recommend suretrader, since there is no PDT and you can trade under 25000. Since it’s in the bahamas, the opening requirements for canada+us would be same. SpeedTrader (suretrader’s older brother) has been around since 2000. Or if you need an all-in-one type account (equities+futures+fx futures), you can use vision with genesis/trade navigator or realtick.

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