Could this be a Bloomberg killer? Thomson Reuters Eikon in Microsoft DotNET WPF and C#

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2013)

Could this be a Bloomberg killer? Thomson Reuters Eikon in Microsoft DotNET WPF and C#

This is a full interfacing system which can be accessed through a WPF API. It costs about $100-$2000 per month depending on the services you are subscribed to.


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A set of comments from my Youtube friend:

Eikon isn’t a bloomberg killer. First of all, thomsonreuters has horrible support for all of their products. They’re mainly a market company that attracts customers through flashy advertising campaigns and powerpoint presentations. Second of all, the retail version of eikon can only be accessed through DDE only for data. Thirdly, you can build functionality into eikon, but then you’d be dependent upon the platform. You would just be better off using bloomberg or cqg, not only for execution but for also flexibility in customizing the software. For OTC Derivatives trading and securities trading in general, bloomberg provides free execution capability (all part of the standard 2000 a month package, same price as reuters), bloomberg is also a networking/execution tool, it’s more than just a data-feed/dumb-pipe. Thomsonreuters does offer some capability on that front, though it is extremely limited compared to bloomberg.

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