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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2013)

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I posted these three items in the last 24 hours for my QuantLabs.net Members

1. 3 fastest steps blueprint to building to your fairly easy to understand fully integrated .NET C# automated trading platform

2. Demo of TWS testing tool communicates with Interactive Brokers TWS

3.  Demo of Java Streamer of IQFeed real time market data

All 3 steps are now working so I am starting to bring it all together. This includes capturing the real time market data, in memory NOSQL tick data, and communicate with Interactive Brokers.

These are part of the basics for an automated trading platform.

Join me in learning more how I approach new ideas including concurrent data collections and how to reconcile your  

Also, why put up with this?

This is the crappy pay you get as an experienced quant developer in C++ Java and Python in this Toronto position


Once again, you should carefully choose your future with above choices? Stress with crappy pay or total control of up potential with no limits.

Thanks for reading


Learn R? Learn Matlab? Learn open source trading with HFT potential?

Get pure dozens of pure HFT algos here?

Need to learn all this?
Get full access to the following by going here

Join me on my march to learning quant and HFT


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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