3 fastest steps blueprint to building to your fairly easy to understand fully integrated .NET C# automated trading platform

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

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I got really tired of looking at open source Tradelink’s scant documentation. After weeks of trying to use the platform’s API, it seems I got nowhere fast.  Sadly their commercial product Glean was not much better. It is still my fave open source trading platform as the others are well, substandard.

Then came Deltix! This platform has awesome potential but very expensive for an end to end solution. The problem? I am still waiting for questions to be answered so I moved on. Their docs did not help me out much either.

After my London quant checked in with me, he advised some stuff in my video:


After being railroaded by the enticement of Deltix and attempt in working with Tradelink’s API, I am already highly productive in one day! After my first day at another attempt at rolling my own basic automated trading platform, I have already got my IQFeed streaming working, in memory NOSQL database set up, and chosen a potential broker connection to Interactive Brokers. As my quant friend would say, I have closed the loop. I now need to tie it all together and get it working.

Here is a set of 3 steps which is a part of this blueprint. These were posted for my QuantLabs.net Premium Members:

3 fastest steps blueprint to building to your fairly easy to understand fully integrated .NET C# automated trading platform

As said, 2 of 3 steps are completed. Now is the time join on how this type of system is built.


My successful London quant friend is easily one of the only people who is literally making millions each month off his fully customized platform. I have seen dozens of other attempts whch failed at all levels! So who do you listen to?  The Real Deal or just talkers?

Anyhow, I am mimicking the exact technologies and source code projects to build the exact same. This includes even strategies.

Here is the thing, if proven to be valuable, it will be highly prized. So moving forward, this info will only be presented to my QuantLabs.net Premium Members ONLY! There will be secrecy of this platform but I will reveal the secret sauce technologies but will not be repeated. I think if you want to achieve TOP success, this is your path.


Also, I will be making this Premium Membership exclusive and I could raise the prices SOON!

Choose well my friends, you can listen to those  who are achieving real success or just talkers.

Your friend


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