How to get access to your FREE headless version of Matlab to interface with Java or Microsoft .NET C#?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2013)

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As we move 100% trading analytics and strategy development into Matlab, I would like to show some advantages in how you can extend Matlab M scripts to .NET C# or Java JAR files:

Youtube video on how to use Matlab builder Toolbox for .Net C# and Excel for your target HFT trading applications


Youtube demo on how to manipulating C# code examples with Matlab Builder NE and Matlab data types


Youtube video demo Matlab Builder Ne Usage for .NET and C# with Visual Studio


You can do the same thing with Java

Overview of Matlab Builder JA for Java export , MCR using Eclipse IDE


Based on my web visitor stats, over 82% are using Windows and .NET technologies while there is a smaller focus on Mac, IOS, and then Linux. I am leaning towards 100% Microsoft .NET focus for the future which means little Java support. If I am wrong, now is the time to let me know if you want Java support.

Also, if you cannot afford, this is an excellent way to get Matlab resources through my deployable file samples I provide through the QuantLabs.net Premium Membership. These will include a royalty free, headless version of Matlab with my sample C#, C++, or even C source code files. I have not even mentioned the recent versions include the ability to parallelize in   using a GPU for simulation or backtesting. It does get exciting what I envision here. Again, this source code will only be available to my members.

Also, did I mentioned about the $697 in FREE courses you would get access to through my new Academy. This offer all end on Monday June 30.


Here are the extra Academy course you get access to

Membership benefits here as well.

Thanks for reading

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