Does Tradelink trading platform have limitations? Oracle CEP solution? Open source C++ alternatives?

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2013)

Does Tradelink trading platform have limitations? Oracle CEP solution?  Open source

This was a comment posted about my Tradelink video:




Tradelink has a lot of limitations. It doesn’t have CEP. If you want to incorporate data other than price data, such as fundamental/event/news data, you need a CEP system.

I know you said that Deltix is too expensive, and that esper/algo-trader/open-source has horrible documentation, but there may be another way.

Have you looked into Oracle Event Processing? It competes with Streambase, Sybase and Apama CEP.


It should be free for developer/academic and non-professional usage. The Documentation is pretty decent.

It can communicate with SQL and Java. So, you can set-up MYSQL to import IQfeed data, then create matlab java functions using the JA/ Builder Tool and then execute using the TWS Java API or Quickfix/J.

You said that the production server for matlab was prohibitively expensive, right, and the adapter that tradelink has for matlab/r/ is proprietary, so, maybe this is a possible solution?

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First, CEP is more of a fad than anything. I would easily go with a Big Data solution with Hadoop and other sexy trends technologies. For me, I could easily develop this equivalent in Matlab’s Simulink with Stateflow for event based coding. I see no other need if I want it. You could easily find other .NET libraries that maybe integrated into this. Either way, I like my Stateflow/Simulink option. I have no trust in Oracle with their butchered updates from the Java world.

A decent open source CEP solution would be








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