More reasons why Deltix could be the most advanced trading platform for potential HFT? The pros of it…

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2013)

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Here is some recent items you should know about with Detlix:
First off, I was offered a cut any customer I forward to Deltix but I quickly refused it to stay independent. In a nutshell, I am neutral from all that but I am pumped on this platform! As for pricing, yes it is expensive but if you watch this:


You will quickly realize the pricing of Deltix will shield you from:

1. No need to have in house developers to maintain your connectivity to brokers and feeds. If there are any changes to any of these adapters or FIX engines, the Deltix platform will you shield from these costs. This also greatly reduces your risk of any coding errors when you implement your live trading strategies for those firms that are handling millions in capital each day. So how much does each qualified developer going to cost your per month? I have ranges anywhere from $6-$12k per month! Also, Deltix won’t quit on you, steal your algorithms, or call in sick!

2. Also, you no longer need to pay expensive monthly FIX engine services to manage your connectivity to your brokers. These services range from $3K (for questionable) all the way to up to $10K with full blown high quality FIX adapter management. Again, Deltix is shielding you from those expenses, maintenance, and risks.

3. If someone chooses to ‘roll’ their own trading solution, they run the risk of not getting proper support or training on their live trading environments. Any modifications to their platform becomes high risk if something goes off the rails. Think Knight Capital where one fat finger cost them over $450M in a few hours. Also, they almost went under. Are you that kind of risk taker? Can you really afford the lawyer bills if a potential investor decides to take you to court for potential financial losses? You obviously need high quality software to reduce these risks.

4. As hinted in the above video, you will find the management of ticks and historical bars are handled quite nicely in the software high speed database called Tickbase. To get the same kind of performance, you would need to USE something like kdb+ which is very expensive. If you want a full on universal license, that will run you $1 million. It is much more expensive than Deltix fees. As for any high speed open source NOSQL (i.e. MongoDB) in memory databases, I am not sure if my 6-8 digit external investors would be comfortable with that if something goes off the rails. Again, who do you call for support? The management of all this is something for a small shop like mine would never want to take on.

5. Also in the video, you will find the ease of point and click to manage  all of your market data feeds. The cost of this productivity is something that needs to be considered as well.

6. Moreover, if anyone questions these kind of costs for the above benefits clearly needs to examine their internal operations on the risk that comes with the savings if anyone chooses to roll their own and/or integrate various commercial solutions.

7. If you are looking for a potential Forex advanced out of box trading solution, you may want to go with something like this:


From my perspective, I have spent quite a few years looking for anything that can do a decent job. Deltix is definitely it from my point of view. In terms of credibility, they have won various awards at the Technical Analyst Awards for two years in a row. It says something on what the industry says. My various members are very excited on the potential of this platform as well as they see the many benefits.

As a result, join my QuantLabs.Net Premium Membership to see how I will use this platform.


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