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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2013)

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Here is a partial sample listing of all the R algorithms models and strategy topics in my future courseware:

30 day moving average function
R code walkthrough: Detrend to use Auto ARIMA modelling and forecast with statistical data and Ljung BoxTest
Poor mans Pair Trading with Cointegration R Walkthrough
R Code Walkthrough Adding a volatility filter with VIX
R Code Walkthrough Improved Moving Average using intra day for Forex data
Backtesting a Strategy with Mean Reversion
My first version of ARIMA R script with Forex data and Equity 1 and 5 min frequency
Gold versus Fear in Cointegration test
Mean Reverting with Volatility Spike
Pair trading with S&P 500 companies
Pairs trading with testing cointegration
Pairs trading R source code walkthrough with mean reverting logic, spread and beta calculation
Seasonal pair trading
As you can tell, there are plenty of popular market forecasting techniques including pair trading, mean reversion, etc. This is one of over 50 algorithms with many more coming including algorithms for high frequency trading, Matlab, and many more.  This will be an immediate way to get you up and running in learning advanced next generation trading. R is very powerful and flexible. Most of all, it is FREE. Video and source code samples are included with these algorithm topics!!

These are specifically handpicked to help you get up and running in forecasting the market like well paid trading strategist and quant researchers.

Just so you know, I am preparing a massive limited time promotion where my QuantLabs.Net Premium Members will get access to these algos at no extra cost. They are already in existence as well.


There are many more benefits to this Membership as well. They are listed here.
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