Jim Rogers predicts a financial meltdown but prefers #forex currency Russian ruble, Japanese stock market, and short US bond aka Treasury

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2013)

Jim Rogers predicts a financial meltdown but prefers #forex currency Russian ruble, Japanese stock market, and short US bond aka Treasury

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This guy maybe an alarmist but correctly forecasts lots of things. One big one was his calculation on copper in 2008.

After gleaning the more recent videos, he has some stark warnings about the global economy.

Living in Singapore

He feels that there could be a meltdown where even the American government and other Western governments will steal your savings. Think Cyprus and even IMF seems to approve of it. Some might not think it is that serious, but when you get the recent news on the Texan government disallowing the American feds from taking Texas citizens gold, something is up:


Remember the Feds did this in the 30s during the Great Depression. You gotta love Texas. No wonder they want their guns because of potential problems if the US Fed government runs into credit problems in the future. Not a guns right activist but I get that point. Also why did Germany want its gold back but the US feds said it would take 7 years to access it. What’s up with that?

Also, on Friday the Congress argued over who should be paid first, US bond debt holders or American vets. Ya, tell that to your bank with your mortgage.


So, Jim is smart to live in Singapore where the government has little debt and has lots of reserves.

Is it possible a federal government could take your gold and part of your savings? A definite yes, and even Jim Rogers is preparing. He is also advising any person to reduce their cash savings to less than the government for guaranteed deposit amounts.

So what are the predictions?

Russian ruble

Jim Rogers likes to invest into unloved markets like North Korea. He feels the same with the Russian ruble but it seems he feels Putin is really changing the market. I am kind of leery on this but when you think about it, it makes sense. Could be right?

Japanese stock market

I think this is the most accurate prediction yet. Jim states that the US markets at the highest with the fed pumping a ton of fake money into the economy. It is called liquidity to hopefully jumpstart the US economy which could blow up. When you look at Bank of JapanĀ  and their stock market is 25% of where it should be, who do you think has the real upside? This is a HUGE potential GIVE ME out there.

Short the US Treasury

Lastly, this is another big potential. How can these idiot politicians allow short changing future generations? It is like letting the nuts run the funny farm. We call them politicians in Washington. Anyhooo….at some point the US government will need to bend and pay the piper regardless of what people say. Those are the Asian and Middle Eastern bond holders. Sooner or later, shorting this could be a big winner. It is just about timing

Read point 4 on how to do this:





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