Is HFT dead? Not with Deltix and Hedge Fund Insider Expert tips

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2013)

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Here are some of the latest topics that made it into the last few days at QuantLabs.net
Ever get that intuitive stock market pick? My fave industry trading strategy thanks to Morningstar Apple IOS and Android apps

I am posting this as a new section for QuantLabs.net Premium members .These are some of most insightful trading strategies or market tips you might not have to time to read about. Remember these are the best from the industry we all follow.

This is only available to my QuantLabs.net Premuim Members


An amazing presentation with Quant Member testimonial on Deltix for trading and backtesting purposes

Youtube video: Is hft dying or is systematic automated algorithmic trading the way for future profit?
It is really hard to see how this is possible with a great platform like Deltix.
Battlefin is sharing a free fund template for download for potential a new start up quant and hedge fund

There are so many benefits in being QuantLabs.net Premium Member. Read that here. 
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