How to justify the cost of Deltix with Deltix Cloud Services aka DCS with trading model research using Quant

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2013)

Query from a visitor:


Hey just saw your deltix video.  Awesome!  I’m curious do they have any software targeted for retail budget i.e. 5-20k per year or is evertyhing super high end.  Last I checked this software wasn’t really available to anyone unless you were a hedge fund so wondering how you guys justified the cost for this.



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Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Deltix can be pricey but you ask for a cost justification or better yet a cost benefits analysis:


Yes DCS (Deltix CLoud Solutions) would be a decent affordable option. I have posted something on that:



I hope this helps. As said, if you need a contact let me know as i can intro you to the right person.

As for how do I justify the cost of Deltix? For me there is no cost due to the fact I am not live trading with it at this point. I am still researching proper strategies with Matlab/Simulnk which will hopefully be implemented into the Deltix trading platform.

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